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Application processing software

DataView360 is utilized by lenders in a multitude of industries to automate the loan origination process. With DataView360's toolkit design lenders are not required to modify their processes to conform to off the shelf software applications. Our software is rapidly tailored to meet your exact requirements while at the same time reducing implementation times and costs associated with many of the alternatives. Our flexible architecture supports the ability for GDS to deliver an end to end solution or to integrate DataView360 with legacy application processing platforms extending the life of these past investments.

GDS Link's application processing solution delivers sophisticated functionality designed to support the dynamic risk management and compliance requirement of your business. The solution is designed to support requirements for:

  • Data Capture
  • Workflow and Case Management
  • Compliance Support such as Red Flags and Patriot Act
  • Internal Data Access
  • External Data Access; both traditional and nontraditional data bureaus
  • Data Aggregation
  • Rapid implementation of custom scoring models
  • Simple or Complex Decisioning Rules
  • Segmentation
  • Champion/Challenger
  • Management Dashboards that track key operations statistics
  • Custom interface to Loan Management Platform

DateView360 puts total risk management control in the hands of the risk management team significantly reducing dependence on internal technology resources. The ability to test new strategies against historic data is fully supported allowing you to update your risk management policies with confidence.

GDS's solution is available through a traditional license arrangement or through hosted Software as a Service Model. Regardless of you size or industry, GDS can deliver a cost effective solution tailored to meet your unique business needs. For startup companies our SaaS model presents a way for you to grow your business without making the larger financial investment associated with a license agreement. As your business grows you can migrate to a license agreement under favorable pricing arrangements.

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